Hi Everyone:




Our coffees will continue be held on the second Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM. Our new location is at Mimi’s Café in Brandon, 804 Providence RD. The next coffee will be this Saturday, August 13.




The following attended the July coffee:


Maxine French Faircloth;

Grady Warmack;

Woody & Pat Ray;

Jim Boggs;

Carole Love Byman and Pat Hayes;

Betty Sue White Brown;

Robin and Merrill Knopke Blau;

Jackie Grande Southall;

Sanda Walsh;

Vince Mandese;

Doug Atwood (61);

Charlie Bean and Christine;

Danny Parker;

Betsy Ealer Muench;

Kathleen Hoffman Chappell and

Wayne Williams and me.


My goodness! What a great surprise to see Vince Mandese seated when we arrived. This is his first visit with us for any event and he says it won’t be his last. He said he had wanted to join us for our Seventieth Birthday party last year, but about that time he had surgery and was in recovery. Another happy surprise was to see Jackie Grande Southall arrive for her first coffee ever. She said the location is really good for her, so didn’t have any more excuses. Now if we can get her cousin, Joan Lockaby Neel there… It was great to see Doug Atwood come to our coffee. He has said for years that he would like to join us. This time he happened to be in the area, so finally made it. Doug stays busy with his newsletters, keeping up with his classmates and their functions even though he and his wife Sandy have moved to Polk County.


Anyway, we had a fun group and enjoyed our new location. It is really pretty and comfortable room and if we have no objections, we will keep this as our new permanent coffee place. Thanks to all of you for attending.




Merrill Knopke Blau has been selected as Classmate of the Month for August 2011. I know a lot of you remember Merrill as being a very beautiful, sweet and talented girl. She would invite a couple of classmates over after school on occasion to watch and listen to her play. I don’t know that was the purpose of the visits, but I understand that’s how the visits turned out.


About four years ago Merrill retired from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Legal Unit, after twenty-seven years. She says her job ranged from extremely interesting to exciting! Her entire working career of about forty-five years was working with attorneys. Her answer to the question of whether she would do it again was “Hmmm.” Merrill and the love of her life, Robin, have been married twenty-six years. Robin retired from teaching a couple of years ago and still tutors occasionally. They have been active many years with their church in many facets, but about twenty-five years ago there was an article in the Pasco County section of the Tribune about her work interpreting services with sign language. She said their favorite scripture is Roman. 8:28. What a wonderful use of such great talent!


They have done some traveling, for example: out to California just in time for the 1987 earthquake! In 2002 they wandered on up to Canada, enjoying plays in the town of Stratford. That sounds like more fun.


Please remember to send us your nomination for Classmate of the Month. There are many classmates who have not yet been nominated, but who deserve this honor.




Gene Leroy passed away last month. My goodness, there were a lot of comments about Gene on Facebook, as he was truly one of our great heroes. These comments are mentioned under the Facebook section further down in this newsletter. His brother Glen passed along the following information about Gene. In fact, several of us had seen Gene at his Mother’s service about four months ago, so were very surprised to learn he had passed away. Glenn said many things were going on with Gene lately, such as the pain from knee replacement; the development of diabetes and perhaps the early stages of dementia as he was starting to forget things, misjudge steps causing him to fall and then there was the 100 degree heat for many days. Gene had been outside working on his truck and because he had developed a headache and a little tightness in his chest, he went to the doctor. They checked him out, gave him a shot for the headache, but found nothing else of concern. Upon returning home, he began cleaning up his truck, but decided he needed a nap. Rita, his wife, said Gene went to sleep and did not awaken.


I know we’ve said this before, but most of us remember Gene wearing his ROTC uniform to school every day. What I didn’t realize was why he was wearing it. It simply meant that Gene was in charge of putting up and taking down the American Flag every day and wearing his ROTC uniform made Gene feel a little better inside.


Karen Howey Schmidt sent information that Diana Kay Batchelder Carter, sister of our classmate, Barbara Batchelder Quinn, passed away a couple of weeks ago. We still have not been able to contact Barbara these days, but hope we’ll find her soon. Our prayers go out to her and Diana’s family.


Grady Warmack fell down 22 stairs, backwards, a few weeks ago. He spent a couple of days in the hospital, but by the time of the coffee last month, he was up and about and able to attend. Okay, so I never did get the rest of the story as to why he was going backwards, but I’m sure there’s a good explanation.


John Sessums has just completed his treatments for prostate cancer and is reporting a great PSA score. In fact, while he and Licia, along with some family members were visiting Allen Kelley a couple of weeks ago, we talked with them and he sounds really great and positive. By now he is back home, enjoying his own bed! Our prayers are for continued success.


Ernie Gafford has completed his treatments and Elaine was finishing up her radiation the last I heard. We certainly pray both of you have positive outcomes!


Pat Valdes had the following report following his wife, Judy’s surgery: “Just wanted to thank everyone for all your prayers and concerns for Judy. The Lord blessed us and the surgery went great per the doctor. The lab results were benign and the surrounding area looked great… All your prayers guided the doctor’s hands for wonderful results. Thanks from us both.” That is wonderful news!




Sanda Walsh Worsham sent a very interesting note about her next adventure in the volunteer category. Doesn’t it make you feel good to know so many of our classmates give back? I know it does me. Here’s her note:


“I have something that probably goes under the ‘you are never too old’ heading: I recently went through training to become certified with CERT (community emergency response team). My team is the Bloomingdale/Riverview team but has ties to Temple Terrace Fire Department as they helped with our training. We are learning to be prepared to help during emergencies/catastrophes/etc. We are leaning many things that we can do before Emergency personal can respond. In times of emergencies such as hurricane, tornadoes, etc. we may be able to get in and lend a hand before they can. In a wide spread event, they will be stretched a little thin. We are first responsible to be sure our own families are safe, then our neighborhood and then our team's area. The training has opened my eyes to some things that should help me make better decisions in time of peril. After the stories I had heard from Mississippi, I feel a lot better prepared to be useful. We took a basic traffic class and were able to be of help to Temple Terrace with their 4th of July parade. Have no fear, I wasn't standing in the middle of the road waving my arms, directing traffic. I would only do that in my clown outfit. (smile) But we did help directing people to place to safely cross roads.”


She also said it appears she will be making one more trip to Mississippi in October. Sanda, what a great gift you are to be able to volunteer your help so often. I know you are appreciated by many.


Don and Pat Faircloth hosted a cookout for the fourth of July and a few of our classmates were able to attend. They were Dan and Marilyn Moore Ogden; Robbie and Laura Addison; Tom and Judi Curtis (59) Boulware; and Bob and Judy Little (59) Haller;


In a note from Bonnie Heath, Billy’s wife, she mentioned that they may be headed for North Carolina in September this year. Please let us know your plans, as we will be there, but only a short time then.


I heard through the grapevine that Nolan and Barbara Duncan Tillman were on a cruise recently. We sure would love to hear about it, okay?


Allen and Diane Kelley put together a lunch in Hendersonville a few weeks ago. Tommy and Phyletus Grantham Wright; Paul and Nova Grantham Apple and Harry and Mary Alice Sanders Goetz all attended. They have also kept in touch with John Sessums throughout his chemotherapy and radiation treatments. In fact, John and his family were able visit the Kelleys just before they headed back to Tampa.


Dan and Marilyn Moore Ogden celebrated their fiftieth birthday a week or so ago. Their children pulled off a surprise party for them and I understand that in addition to family and friends, a few of our classmates were in attendance. Among them were Don and Pat Faircloth, Bob and Judy Little Haller (’59), James Lee and Katriena Riddick, Kenny and Marian Vannucci Prater. It was held at Amicolola Falls State Park in Georgia. Thanks to my cousin Stephanie Broward Parades (CHS’63) for letting us know about this party. She and her husband, Frank Parades (HHS’63) also attended. Congratulations, Marilyn and Danny!


James Lee and Katriena Riddick finally made it up to North Carolina with his parents. A couple of weeks ago they were able to have Allen and Diane Kelley and Robbie and Laura Addison over for dinner.


Ron and Barbara Myers Tecza are having another dynamite summer in Nova Scotia. One event they attended was an annual musical type presentation called Tattoo, in Halifax, which is about 3 hours away. It sounds similar to the annual fall days in Waynesville with participation of groups not only from there, but other countries. The event lasts about two hours and is an unbelievable production. Their daughter and her family are visiting them and while there, their son-in-law will be working on a lobster boat for a short stint. He experienced it two years ago and loved it so much he decided to go out again.

Here’s a little more detail about Dan and Bebe Parker’s trip out west a month or so ago. They flew into Denver with two granddaughters and met another one from BYU before going on to Jackson Hole, WY for the horse rodeo and shopping. They visited Yellowstone Park and other areas; toured Salt Lake City and attended a big wedding for another granddaughter in Colorado Springs. They were joined by their two sons, two daughters and their large families for visits to Pike’s Peak; Gardens of the God’s Mountain and Royal Gorge Bridge Park. Wow! That is a trip and a half! I know everyone, including you and Bebe enjoyed it, Danny.


Danny said he was a speaker at a Boy Scouts of America Eagle Court of Honor for his grandson. He and Sammy are Eagle Scouts; two of Danny’s sons are Eagle Scouts and two Grandsons are Eagle Scouts, making three generations with that honor. Speaking of Sammy, he and Carol visited them in Jacksonville for the Fourth of July weekend.


Judi Curtis (‘59) Boulware sent a note saying that she and two cousins, Connie Foxworth Spillers and Laurie, took a trip to Maine, which was their first time there. She said they had a great time and that the state of Maine is absolutely gorgeous. Most interesting was the Maine State Prison Store, Acadia National Park & Bar Harbor! Then a couple of weeks ago, they also had a visit from another cousin, Larry and Ann Foxworth McGee.


Sue Cash Philpot sent a note saying she kind of wishes she were closer to Tampa so she could make it to the coffees. She misses everyone, but really loves Ocala where she is living. She gets down here once in a while to visit with her Mom and family, but those times don’t seem to coincide with the coffees. Maybe soon, Sue.


Dickie Russo and Yvonne Bretz were planning to attend the coffee last month, but the night before that, Dick fell and hit his nose and eye. He had quite a bit of bleeding, but fortunately there was no break anywhere. So, instead of coming to the coffee, Yvonne went to Dicks, cooked breakfast for them. We hope to see them this month.


After being in contact with Richard Strickland (‘56) we heard from Barbara Yontz Warner. She is still living in Tampa and works for doctors near Tampa General Hospital. She said she hasn’t been to a reunion since the 30th one and I am assuming that’s about the time we lost contact with her. Barbara uses the same hair dresser as Ed Giunta’s wife, Carol, so she sees him now and again. We are hoping to see Barbara one day real soon.


We recently heard from Toby Drew concerning all the writings on our HHS Page on Facebook. His comments were mostly related to the friendships at Sligh Jr. High and even earlier. Dennis Scruggs was one of his friends, both growing up at 20th and Clifton Streets, not too far from the old Sears. They started school at Seminole, but after third grade that area was redistricted and sent to Bryan by bus. He and Dennis were patrols on the bus and argued like brothers over who was boss. Dennis’ family moved to Memorial district while he was in Sligh and they later reconnected at Hillsborough. His admiration of Dennis was apparent when he said he wasn’t surprised to learn Dennis won a scholarship to Florida and even less surprised that he gave it up to serve his country. Some of the other classmates he remembers from Sligh were: Larry McGee, Paul Apple, Tommy Wright, the Grantham sisters (Phyletus and Nova), Tommy Hebert, Sharon Walker, Jane Reid, Jim Boggs, Bobby Pielow, Charlie Holmes, Jimmy Lane, Maxine French, Buck Hicks, the Schofields (Bill and Freddie Godwin) and Chuck Schulstad, who became a Principal up North. Nice memories, Toby, thanks! Please stay in touch.


I just received an update from Rebecca Nelson Westover about the book she has written: Here’s her note:

“Just wanted to give you an update on The Fireplace. It is available for ordering through and going to The Fireplace. It will not be available through book stores until November. I am hoping we will be in Tampa around that time. I do plan to go to the HHS website and the Alumni website and post the information, but tonight I am trying to send out e-mails. I will be having local book signings up here starting on August 29th. I hope all who read the book thoroughly enjoy it. It is a family adventure story.” Thanks, Becky. We all wish you good luck!




No one responded regarding the top ten movies. Maybe the questions are getting too hard? Actually now I can’t remember the name of the movie receiving an Academy Award. So, unless I find it before this goes out, that will have to wait until next month.


I do want to pass along a memory from Brenda Carver Bryan (59). She said she had an absolute blast running the elevator at Maas in the late 50’s and recalls a ski run was constructed with ice in front of Maas in 1958. The library has a picture of it in the Burgert Bros. collection of awesome pictures that he took of our beautiful city. Joan Lockaby Neel and I recall there was snow brought into downtown one year and 1958 could have been what we remember when this occurred.




Doug Atwood (‘61), put the following information in his monthly newsletter. It sounds like something a few of you might want to check out and enjoy.


711 N. Franklin St., Tampa, FL 33602
Box Office: (813) 274-8982 - Mon-Fri 10-5 and during events
Sunday Afternoons (and some Saturdays) at 3pm
Looney Tunes cartoons before all movies (except Peter Pan).
Sunday, August 14 at 3pm
Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe
THE RED SHOES - Sunday, August 21 at 3pm
Moira Shearer, Anton Walbrook, Marius Goring
PETER PAN (1924) - Sunday, August 28 at 3pm
Featuring Live Musical Accompaniment with the Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ


This is a treat from Joan Lockaby Neel: Here is some trivia on the Las Novedades Spanish Restaurant "In the heart of Ybor City." I have the original handout the restaurant printed in 1940 for their 50 years celebration. It was my mother's:

Las Novedades Spanish Restaurant
1116 E. Broadway
Ybor City
Tampa, Fla.
Phone: Y-1381

"Las Novedades,established in 1890, is Tampa's oldest Spanish Restaurant. It has occupied the same location in the heart of Ybor City for fifty years. Today it is a landmark in this picturesque Latin colony.

The fame of Las Novedades has spread to the far corners of the earth. Last year Las Novedades was host to thousands of discriminating visitors from almost every State in the Union as well as from Canada, Europe and South America.

The Spanish and French pastries made in Las Novedades' own kitchen are noted for their excellence. Las Novedades has received [sic] so many requests for its pastries to be mailed, that it now prepares an attractive pastry package suitable for shipping."

The advertisement included four of the restaurant's most famous recipes: Pompano Papillot, Yellow Rice and Chicken, Black Beans, and Spanish Bean Soup. My favorite is the Spanish Bean Soup. I'll be glad to share the other three recipes, too.

Las Novedades' Spanish Bean Soup (Potaje de Garbanzos)

1/2 lb. Garbanzos
1 lb. Potatoes
1 Onion
4 Oz. White Bacon
1 Beef Bone
1 Ham Bone
1 Chorizo (Spanish Sausage)
1 Pinch Saffron
2 Oz. Lard
2 Quarts Water
1 Tablespoon Salt

Soak Garbanzos overnight with a tablespoon salt, sufficient water to cover beans. When ready to cook, drain the salted water from beans and put Garbanzos, beef bone and ham bone in two quarts of water. Cook for 45 minutes on slow fire. Fry bacon and onions, onions having been chopped fine; place these in pot, adding potatoes, saffron and salt. When potatoes are done, remove from fire, add Chorizo cut in[to] thin slices.


Well, I don’t know about you, but I sure miss those special restaurants.


I received the following email a couple of weeks ago. Since I do not recognize anyone mentioned, I thought I would send out the information and see if any of you know any of the names.


“I don't know if you can help me or not but I thought I would give it a shot. My name is Elizabeth and my aunt attended and graduated from HHS in the mid to late 50's. She attended Erwin/Brewster to get her LPN. I am trying to find a photo of her from either her senior year of high school or from her time in nursing school as I am due to graduate from the same nursing school in January 2012 with my LPN. Unfortunately, my aunt passed away in 2008 and never got to see me return to school. If you are able to find a picture of her and email it to me, I would be very grateful. I was hoping to carry the picture with me when I walk in my graduation. Her name was Dorothy McCleskey. She went on to marry Joe McKinnon, have three children, divorce Uncle Joe and marry a man named Robert Coles. She was my mother's only sibling.


Please let me know if you can help. I have spoken with Brewster and Erwin and they do not have records that go back that far. Because she moved several times, none of her kids were able to salvage many pictures from what belongings she had left when she passed. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to give.






Under our Hillsborough High School Class of 1958 Facebook page there were a number of postings regarding the passing of Dennis Scruggs as follows:


From Wayne Williams: It is with sadness I announce that we have lost another classmate, Dennis Scruggs.


From Joan Lockaby Neel: TO DENNIS FROM HIS CLASSMATES . . . “To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


From Naomi Sharon Weaver: So and blessings for family and friends..and peace at last.


From Carol Queen Long: A final farewell to a really sweet guy. Fond memories at HHS...... My sincere condolences to his family.


From Betsy Ealer Muench: Right Carol, good-by old friend. Now no one will call me Elizabeth.


From Wayne Williams: Betsy, I'll be glad to take Dennis' place. Besides, my mother was an Elizabeth.


From Sharon Walker Croxton: Thanks for the info Wayne. Dennis was a friend since elementary school. In fact we liked each other back then. But lost contact thru the years. My dad bought plumbing supplies from his dad's plumbing supply. Sharon


From Leslie Brown (’57): Thank You again, Wayne.


From Norma Thomas Simmons: My thoughts and prayers are for his loved ones left behind. He will be missed.


From Dave Black: Dennis was a friend, DeMolay Brother, fellow member of Hillsboro Jr Wildlife and we spent lots of fun times together. Though we have not been in contact since HHS, I remember him fondly. Condolences to his big bro Charlie and his family. RIP old friend.


From Leigh (Betty) Vinson Offenhauer: Dennis seemed to always be in my classes, cheered him on at football games and went to parties at his parents’ home. I considered him a very good friend along with his brother Charles. He will always be remembered and in my heart.


These were postings regarding the loss of Gene Leroy:


From Wayne Williams: I feel it appropriate to post on Facebook Gene's comments about his becoming a soldier and how much his high school meant to him. The following was written by Gene and sent to me for our Class Veterans Page within our Web Site – WWW.HHS1958.ORG.


“I remember when I was a boy I‘d tell my Mom and Dad that all I ever wanted to be was a solider. Well, in high school that passion started to grow with an even deeper conviction. I especially remember the Esprit-de-Corps we had in our school’s JROTC program. Today, I am extremely grateful for the outstanding officers and NCO's that taught us the many lessons that would assist us in our military and non-military endeavors. Likewise, I remember MSG Leland Ashcraft who wore his trousers bloused in his boots, the sign of an airborne trooper. MSG Ashcraft and I talked at different times about the Army and what he felt I could accomplish in the Army. Without question, MSG Ashcraft was a major influence on my decision to enter the Army.


Upon entering the Army, and on my first night at Ft. Jackson S.C., I remember asking myself what had I stepped into. Had I made a mistake? Admittedly my days on Tank Hill in basic training began with a lot of doubt. However, I soon began to grow as a soldier and thanks, in part, to the knowledge I brought with me from the JROTC program at Hillsborough High I adjusted to the life of a soldier and remained one for over 32 years.


During my long career as a solider I met many men and have shared many difficult operations, some classified and some not classified. I have been where the climate was so cold that in a few seconds your exposed skin would become frost bitten. I have tromped through heated jungles where the bugs and rain would beat on your body as if your were in a hailstorm. I have crawled into tunnels when someone had to search them. I have humped the desert sands and preformed water operations. In short, I have lived the life of a soldier that many would never consider living. You have never lived until you have almost died. For those who have fought for it, life has a flavor the protected will never know. The point is I loved every minute of it and I have never regretted the day I joined the Army.


Reflecting on my career I have felt pains from wounds and the pains in my heart but I grew with each day of my life. Also, during each passing day I grew in sprit and when things would get really difficult I'd try to remember the youth we all shared together. I often recalled the laughter and sounds, which will remain in the halls of Hillsborough till the end of time. I am confident that part of me will always be there in the hallow halls of Hillsborough High and on its parade fields.


Today I look back and see that our class has spread over the world and the good we have given the world, at the cost of life and limbs and our blood. I can remember your faces as I last saw you as we gathered around the mighty Terrier to sing and said goodbye, each with his or her future in the days ahead. I shall never forget my classmates nor shall I ever forget my fellow soldiers that shed their blood with me. Yes, you could say that JROTC was the acorn seed of sprit that grew inside me and today stays as strong within me as ever.”


From Jane Thomson Day: Wonderful story, freedom isn't free and so many have given so much including their lives. I am very proud of all of them, including my husband, Ed, retired USAF pilot and eldest son, Mike, who flies C-5's. He has been to places I can't even pronounce and loves it. My husband has Parkinson's and dementia and now it looks like not only Agent Orange but jet fuel fumes probably caused these diseases. God bless our brave military men and women and watch over them and keep them safe and well.


From Jim Boggs: If America had more young people that felt the way Gene did, and I also the same, we would have a lot more wiser men and women that possessed the word PRIDE in what we do, think and in the way we live daily. The service is a very important ...element of live with all the young men and women that have served. No where else can you learn to respect the discipline they teach, the experiences you learn daily and the adventures you encounter and the places you might travel too. I enjoyed serving in the USAF and the 3 years in HHS ROTC before that. I wish I could go back and Thank our Sargents who gave us our training in ROTC and the instilment to join the military and get involved. I truly believe that an ex-GI makes an excellent choice for an employee, rather than one who has not served in the military.


From Bill Hipp: My entry into the service was not driven by patriotism but by economics. Without the military (and the GED), I had no chance of furthering myself, as my family was poor and I was, frankly, a defiant little Shithead. Over time, I learned to love and respect the military as much as I loved my country, for the very reason that you have to give more of yourself than the average citizen ever experiences, or you won't survive the rigors of service. 27 years later, I left the military educated, promoted and deeply loyal to my country. Service is not for all, but it is its own reward.


From Dave Black: Good post Wayne. I wonder how many of us got that sudden awakening on Tank Hill... I too remember meeting my DI & platoon sgt that first day... He said, 'My name is Sgt Mickel, an' I ain't yo mama!' I began growing up very quickly at that point. I don't remember Gene, but his words are inspirational.


From LaFaye Haynes Norton (‘59): Thanks Wayne you have given a wonderful post with lots of memories from the past. It gives us all a chance to think of the things that gave us the awakening of the world that was out there for all to explore . Thanks again.


From Joan Lockaby Neel: Wayne, thank you so much for posting the most positive account of a soldier's life. I wish I had the opportunity to read this before Gene passed from this life to thank him for his love and loyalty to Hillsborough High School and, most especially, for his allegiance to our country. Thank you, to all our men and women who put their lives on the line every day for our freedom. I am humbled by Gene's words.


From Sharon Walker Croxton: I do not remember Gene, but wish I had, from his wonderful account of his military career he must have been some man and true patriot.


From Darla Munson Ely: I also do not remember Gene, but his comments are wonderful and should be printed in the newspaper. As many of our family members and friends have served/are serving in the military, we pray for them and remember their service, not only to our country, but for each one of us. They make us proud to be Americans and truly are our heroes.


From Leigh (Betty) Vinson Offenhauer: remember Gene well! He was always in my classes and was a great friend.


From Joe Chillura: Wayne, thank you for your heart warming comments. My wife said that a “seed” is a promise that something will grow. I, too, cherish the friendships that were sown during our days at HHS. Knowing Gene was one I will always remember. Wayne, I believe our class was special. Thanks for reminding us.


Thanks, Betsy Ealer Muench for posting the information about the passing of John Kelley.


From Jane Burch: Gosh, we were in a class together. He was witty and funny and very nice. We never looked at this time in our lives coming. Guess, "innocence is bliss". Jimmy and I send our thoughts to all HHS friends and families from Ohio.


From Walter Swain: May John L. Kelly rest in peace.


From Wayne Williams: So many of us, the HHS Class of 58, have gone. Thus far, 95 Classmates have passed away. May they all rest in peace. It was a pleasure to know you, each and every one. Thanks John!


From Norma Thomas Simmons: He will be missed.


From Naomi Sharon Weaver: Blessings for family and friends...and peace at last.




From Leigh (Betty) Vinson Offenhauer: I remember John and may he rest in peace.




Don’t forget our next reunion, the fifty-fifth, will be celebrated in 2013, and there’s been talk about when to begin our meetings. Woody and Pat Nixon have volunteered their home as our meeting place, but nothing has been scheduled as yet. This note is to give you fair warning – something will begin happening soon. If you have any suggestions, ideas or special needs, please be sure to let us know. I am guessing there will be a USPS mailing within the next six to eight months, so please make sure we have your correct mailing address.




The Class of 1956 Golden Girls still meet once a month to become reacquainted. If you are interested in further information about the Golden Girls of ‘56, please contact Karen Howey Schmidt at:




Betty Jo Bevis Lecaroz, and Brenda Carver Bryan, are two of the contacts for this class.




Their dinner socials are held on the first Thursday of each month at different locations, unless otherwise notified. All HHS classes are invited to attend their dinners. Charles or Sandi Marti Harkness need to have an approximate number for the restaurants, so if you plan to attend, please contact one of them at least three days prior to the dinner. Charles' email address is:




Their dinners are held on the second Thursday of each month at different locations, unless otherwise notified. All HHS classes are invited to attend their dinners. Doug Atwood needs to have an approximate number for the restaurants, so if you plan to attend, please contact Doug at least three days prior to the dinner. His email address is:




The reunion committee for the Class of 1962 has begun the planning for their fiftieth reunion next year. They are in need of contact information for their classmates. If you have a relative, friend, neighbor or know of someone who graduated in 1962, please email the information to Nan Barrington Norquist (HHS62) at I know they will appreciate any help they can get.




The Alumni Association does so very much for the school and its students (current and past alumni). Don’t forget to sign up for membership in the Alumni Association and you will receive their quarterly Terrier Talk by USPS. The lifetime membership is $25.00, but they operate on donations and need our support. One thing they pointed out to us is that just because you belong to the Web Site, you are not automatically a member of the Alumni Association. Their commitment to award five scholarships each year to deserving young people continues, and in fact, there was a sixth one awarded this year.


The HHS Alumni Association has added a couple new things to their items for sale. They have a school photo wall clock; and a red terrier ornament along with their stand-by mugs, note cards and pens. Check out their web site for prices.


There is an official Web Site for the school alumni: There are also some alumni sites that sound like the official one, but they are not. Look for the city at the bottom of their email and it should read Tampa.


You can obtain class reunion information, locate classmates, and join the alumni association plus so much more by visiting the official alumni site at




If YOU have not sent in your “now” photo, please do it. And, your current couples photo. It is really neat to see the comparison between the “then” and “now” photos, but more importantly, it helps everyone to be able to recognize a new face at our gatherings.


Check out the new Couples photos section that Wayne has just finished putting together for us.


The Web Site is located at




The web address for our Chat Room is You can also link it from the main menu of our Web Site. It is still a fun way to get your buddies together: set a time and date to meet – be sure to write lots of memories there so I can share them in the newsletter.




Our next coffee will be on Saturday, August 13, 2011, 9:00 AM at Mimi’s Café in Brandon, 804 Providence RD. The coffees are held on the second Saturday of each month, same time and same location unless otherwise notified.


Until next time,


Sandy Ratliff Williams